INVEST IN YOURSELF "No one will pay you better then you"
Cash Flow and Income Opportunities!!!

 I have very exciting ways to make money and fulfill your clients dreams no matter what your current situation is. You have questions? I absolutely have answers!! In addition to what you will learn here, I'm always searching for additional income streams for Myself and the people in my networks!! As well as ways to save you money on your current expenses!!

Questions to ask yourself if you are a agent or want to become one:
Are you working a 9-5 job? Why?
Don't need or want to make your own Schedule?
Perhaps you love your Boss telling you when to be somewhere?
Maybe you like your income being capped? Make more then me if you want.
Will your boss or current position allow you to be Rich or at least well off?
Maybe you heard the markets not good right now? Do rentals then.
Are you already a agent and not getting paid enough? See our commission schedule below
Is your current Broker charging you fees? Not with us!!
Are you forced to join a MLS? Not with us!
Are you forced to pay a annual fee to NAR (National Association of Realtors)? Not with us!!

Do you want to make money not being a agent? See Below!!
Do you need a financial plan?
Is your family protected if your income disappeared tomorrow?
Do you want to learn how to be financial free?
Do you want to add income streams to your current pay?
Do you want a discount on your electric bill or possibly free electric supply?

I have all those answers and more!! Please feel free to visit any of the sites below. Call me with any questions you might have.

#1 Pine Bush Realty Properties
Become a  agent or transfer to us today.
Join us today as a agent for Pine Bush Realty Properties 70/30 split after 25K in commissions earn 80/20 then after 50k in commissions get paid like a owner 90/10 (WOW). Resets every calender year. Click here for more info. 

#2 Make money in online advertising
My Advertizing Pays is not just a name. It is a true online business opportunity. It does consider a financially investment, However is a fantastic return.
Click here for more info.

#3 Insurance and Investments
Do you wnat to learn about insurance and investments? Lets do a financial needs analazis together. After going over your personal needs, maybe you would like to share your new knowledge with friends and family. In the process you can earn 15-20k part time helping the people you care about get on the right track.
Click here for more info

VERY IMPORTANT Disclaimer: These Companies are not in anyway connected with each other. There is never a need to do business with one to affect doing business with another. I Raymond Zingale own Pine Bush Realty Properties (PBRP) and proudly represent the other companies. I truly believe in there principles and products. I personal work all the companies on here. I am not a paid spokesman. I get paid well for my work, time, and effort. With any true wealth building opportunity you will only get out what you put in!!
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